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ďDonít BlinkĒ Ė A poem by Justiss Goode



Iím here. Iím awesome and Iím a force to be reckoned with.

I wonít allow you to reduce me to non-existent status.

Not this time. Not now and not ever again.

Do you see me now? Do you hear me now? Do you feel me yet?

Donít worry, you will.

Iím just like smoke

so watch me rise.

But donít you blink

Or you might certainly miss it!


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Stalked, Kidnapped, and Castaway!Ē Ė An Experimental Sequl to the Movie Castaway Movie by Justiss Goode 


Iím not exactly sure when I first got the idea to do what Iím convicted of doing. Iíd hate to think it was that rainy night I took a cab to Helenís house. On that night, I left her standing in her driveway as I pulled off down the street. Could that have been when the plan first entered my mind? If that were true, what kind of man would that make me? Plotting to stalk, and kidnap the love of my poor pitiful life. Taking her away from her family and home, and everything sheís known for the past four years.



Harder to Forget is the story of one womanís struggle to put the past behind her and try to move on with her life, while questioning the future of her marriage.


This novella is available for a limited time, when you visit Justiss Goode on the Medium website. For a brief excerpt, keep reading below and enjoy this entertaining story about young matrimony.


The Argument

The untidy bedroom in the small apartment felt like an oven to Richard, and beads of sweat kept dripping down his forehead. The cheap box fan on the floor was noisy, and doing very little to help relieve the situation. But the rising heat building up in the room had nothing to do with being in the middle of a California heatwave. It was because Gina had accidentally sparked a verbal fire, and Richard was about to ignite things even more.

ďI donít see why you donít just give me the envelope, anyway. Iím the damn man. Just let me handle the bills and quit checking up on me all the time! So what? I took a little cash from your drawer. I told you Iíd replace the damn money before the rent is due.Ē

Gina came back into the bedroom to respond, even though he could hear her from the kitchen. Her voice was dripping with sarcasm.

ďYeah, but how are you going to do that Richard? Itís not like you have a steady job. You donít even have a steady hustle right now. So whereís the money going to magically come from? Iím the only one bringing in a paycheck. And it barely covers what we need, without you wasting money on mess we donít need.Ē

ďSee, there you go, bringing that shit up again, about me not having a job. You always gottaí be throwing that up in my face! You know I contribute when I can. Itís not like anybodyís trying to hire me with my record. Besides, the real problem is, you just want to run things and wear the pants in the family. But I keep telling you, Iím the man in this damn house!Ē

For the umpteenth time, Gina couldnít believe her ears. She looked at Richard like he was delusional, although she was the one who suddenly heard a voice scream inside her head.

What the hell is the matter with him? Is he an imbecile or something? Of course Iím bringing up the fact that he doesnít have a job. Itís totally relevant to what weíre talking about. Ainít that a nothing? He wants to handle the bills like the man is supposed to do. He sure doesnít want to work for the money like the man is supposed to do. Thatís what a real man does. Lord in heaven, what the hell was I thinking, marrying this fool?

She sighed heavily, while Richard continued ranting and raving about her alleged attempts to usurp his manhood. This was an all too familiar argument. Not just to Gina, but to any neighbors without air conditioning. They were definitely getting an earful, since their windows were likely open.

The young couple was in their second year of marriageÖ READ MORE



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